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Pools & Spas (Best in the Business)

September 8, 2014

Pools, Spas, Buildings and Enclosures are the leading and most experienced suppliers of insulated retractable pool enclosures in the UK. With Pool Buildings and Enclosures you can enjoy your swimming pool all year round especially during those chilly English winters. Telescopic Pool Enclosures is equipped with the best insulated retractable enclosures in the United Kingdom.

Telescopic Pool Buildings and Pool Enclosures is the only company offering maintainable enclosures in the UK. They pride themselves on using their own fitters who work exclusively for the company. Their retractable pools are easy to operate. The tracks at the sides provide additional security and are easy to clean.

With over 20 years of experience they are able to offer their clients many unique features that can only be found at Telescopic Pools. They provide their customers with a variety of roof options. Roofs are available in multiple colors from white, bronze, or combination. Additionally there is the added benefit of solar reflection if your roof is facing south. This can result in significant energy savings. They also provide any RAL color at no extra cost in either matte or gloss finish.

Telescopic Pool Building and Enclosures are customized for your pleasure and enjoyment. Pool Building and Enclosures are built for your comfort and convenience, they open within minutes and since they are designed with you in mind they can be stylish and cost effective.

Telescopic Pool Enclosures operates in the UK with a top of the line glazing system that allows for all glazing to be replaced if necessary. As an added convenience to their customers, they will apply for planning permission on your behalf. They ensure that contact and confirmation is made with the local authority before any work is done.

With their experience, dedication and top rated services, Telescopic Pool Buildings and Pool Enclosures is the best company for insulated retractable enclosures in the UK.